Update January 31, 2021 from Lee Stanley, Head Coach

Hello all,

  We have been getting some new information from CHSAA, BVSD, and Centaurus about our projected season schedule and our ability to get back to in-person training.


   As of now our season is on and scheduled to start games on March 15th. Currently, we are permitted to start in-person training, with COVID protocols, and will start Feb 2nd at 4p. Everyone will need to sign up with the link below as we will be limited to 10 players per coach, 30 per field. Our intention will be to conduct these sessions three times a week, Tuesday 4p-6p, Thursday 4p-6p, and Saturday 9a-11a (all weather permitting). We will send out groups once we know who is attending each session.




  There are three main protocols for COVID that need to be re-iterated:

1. Kids must properly wear masks at all times regardless of heart rate and proximity to others unless specifically stated otherwise.

2. Kids must not hangout together before or after the training session while waiting to get picked up.

3. Kids must have BVSD forms filled out so the check-in coach can allow them to play.


 We will also have all training sessions posted online to ensure every player in the program is fit and prepared for our regular-season games. These workouts are considered extremely important to the coaching staff, as we have a shorter preseason and limited in-person training available to us. It is imperative for everyone to commit to the training for health and safety while playing high school soccer, especially you plan to play at the Varsity level. 

 We are all excited to get back on the field and to have the opportunity to play games this season. Everyone will need to follow protocol to ensure it is a successful season. We will be playing ten games at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level, and are currently scheduled for eight games at the Warrior Team level. Only league games are permitted, and not every team in our league has a third team. We will get the schedule out ASAP. 


  CHSAA has modified the scheduling for the season to keep programs within their regions for the regular season and also during the beginning of the postseason. The playoffs are limited to sixteen teams (normally thirty-two teams make the postseason), making it more difficult to make the playoffs. 


  We know there will be lots of questions moving forward and will do our best to keep everyone up to date as information comes in, and changes. 

Thank you. 


Lee Stanley - lee.stanley@bvsd.org 

Head Coach

Boys Soccer 

Centaurus HS


David Wood - david.w.wood@bvsd.org 

Assistant Coach


Hunter Reid - hunter.reid@colorado.edu 

Assistant Coach 


Adjei Abankwah - aabankwa@yahoo.com

Assistant Coach

Update August 4, 2020 from Lee Stanley, Head Coach

Dear All,


Thank you for your patience and support.


As you may already know, the guidance we have been waiting for from CHSAA has finally arrived and there will be no Boys' Soccer season this fall. It is simply impossible given the health restrictions we are all under. I know this has been frustrating and nerve-wracking for many of you, thank you for hanging in there with us.


As of right now, Boys' Soccer will be played in the Spring, with a season starting March 1. For more information, please look to the CHSAA announcement, which can be found here - 




Please let me know if you have any questions.





Lee Stanley

Head Coach

Centaurus Boys' Soccer

Update August 1, 2020 from Lee Stanley, Head Coach

Dear All,


I wanted to write to you with an update on program planning.


As you may know, the soccer program along with most other high school sports in Colorado has been waiting for a decision from the Governor’s office about CHSSA’s request for a variance to allow high school sports to go ahead. We were expecting an answer by Friday, but we have received no information.  


At this time, CHSSA has only approved seasons for three sports - Boy's Golf, Softball and Boy's Tennis. These sports all have modifications to their seasons and must comply with state and county health laws while playing.


Meanwhile, other sports like soccer remain in the dark about when our season might start, what it might look like, or if we will have a season at all.


I know you find this extremely frustrating. So do we. We would like nothing more to have our usual summer drop-ins followed by two-a-days as usual, but the reality is that the pandemic makes demands of the soccer program that it has not faced before. I have to keep an eye on constantly changing health rules and regulations when planning. As we were working on the Camp that I mentioned in my last email, we were told that it did not comply with county regulations, so it had to be scrapped. 


Most importantly, I have to keep the players' and coaches' health and safety at the forefront of all my decision-making. I am watching large, well-funded programs like CSU football following all protocols and still, they are unable to prevent an outbreak among players and staff.


At this point, we have decided to push off practices by a week until CHSSA provides us with some idea of what this season will look like and what the anticipated start date will be. Right now, we do not have the guidance or the ability to run practices that are both safe and effective. We will continue to push practices back by a week until we have an idea if and how the season will go ahead.


That said, we believe that the boys can and should do the home practices we have been sending. It helps them to be prepared if we do have a season and keeps them physically fit even if we don't. One of the benefits of the current situation is that the players have gotten far more directed, complete workouts provided to them, much more comprehensive than we usually do during summers. We have put thought and effort into creating workouts that will keep the boys' skills up and be interesting. I know it is difficult without in person coaching, but for now, we hope that everyone can continue to work out and be ready, should we get the go ahead from CHSSA.


We will be using this Google Sheet to track who is interested in playing this year, so please use it to sign up. Having numbers up front allows us to prepare and talk in real terms when planning field space, safety procedures and logistics.

I wish I had clarity for you, but I don't. As soon as CHSSA and the Governor's office release information for soccer, we will let you know the road going forward.


Thank you again for your support.
Lee Stanley
Head Coach
Boys Soccer

Update July 22, 2020 From Lee Stanley, Head Coach

Hello all,

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and are staying healthy and safe.

Yesterday, BVSD announced a decision to delay the start of school until August 26th and start with a hybrid model of learning. With this in mind, the Centaurus Boys Soccer Program has decided to push back in-person training by one week. The new dates for Training Camp will be Aug 3-7 and 10-14. We hope that by this time, CHSAA and BVSD will have developed their guidance for fall sports. CHSAA has requested a variance for a return to play from the state which is currently on hold and BVSD is still formulating their plans.

This is a good time to get an updated sports physical for your player. You can upload this to your profile while ADU is open or email it to Sue Fischer.
As coaches, we are trying to avoid repeating the heartbreaking events of last spring's sports season. No one wants to get a few weeks in to the season, only to have it cut short or canceled completely. We are taking all possibilities into consideration as we move forward.

We understand everyone's frustration with changing schedules and delaying our return. Much of the decision making on larger issues remains completely out of our hands and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We continue to prioritize the health and safety of the kids in our planning and hope to return to play in the best and safest way possible.

We have been sending workouts twice a week and are currently on our 11th summer workout for the boys. Completing these workouts is going to be extremely important for the program to hit the ground running when we return, and instrumental in our early season successes. Please make sure you are all training at home, and tracking the workouts so the coaches can formulate appropriate training plans moving forward.

Thank you again for your support.
Lee Stanley
Head Coach
Boys Soccer
Centaurus HS

​​Update July 14, 2020 From Lee Stanley, Head Coach

With State and District plans still up in the air, but moving towards finding a solution to return to school and return to play, we as a Soccer Program need to plan to get this season started. First let me say to everyone, participation is your choice. If you do not feel comfortable with anything please let me know and do what you think is best for your family. Know that your decisions concerning participation in the program will have no negative repercussions, now or when returning to the program. We have, unfortunately, already heard that there are players opting out of this season. They will be welcomed back with open arms when they decide to return. This is how our Warrior Brotherhood works in the Soccer Program.

Our plan is to start sessions July 27-31 and Aug 3-7 and we will be running a Soccer Team Camp in place of our standard two-a-day training sessions. This will run Monday through Friday 11a-3p for those two weeks. We currently have protocols which include social distancing, masks, temperature checks, permission slips, limited numbers / groups and sanitizing. We will NOT have any group water or food (to limit cross contamination), so individual players will be responsible for bringing their own. We will create sign up sheets for everyone so we can organize the groups appropriately.

Please bear with us as we try to follow all the rules and still have meaningful training sessions. We have nearly 100 players interested in Boys Soccer at Centaurus. The current plans allow 25 players per field / coach / session. The health and safety of all our student athletes is paramount, and will be the main goal in our training plans.

Players have two weeks until these sessions start. To be prepared, we highly recommended all players take that time to do the online workouts we have been sending for the past several weeks. We will be training at the pace of the most fit, and if you have not been working on your own you will spend more time catching up and have less opportunity to be involved at the highest level. This is a slippery slope and many players in the past have struggled to maintain the appropriate pace to make the team and / or get the playing time they hoped for.

Over the next two weeks we will work on organization, sign ups and permission slips. At the same time, please encourage your soccer players to complete the online/ individual workouts so we can kick off the season properly and get Centaurus Boys Soccer rolling.

Also, please know that things are changing all the time. Our plans and protocols may change, we may need to adjust on the fly. We will always do this with the entire program's health and safety as our first priority. We are listening to guidelines set out by BVSD who gets their information  from CHSAA who is in turn working with State Health Departments and local governments. We will try to relay information as fast as possible as we receive it.  

We hope that we will start our season normally, but recognize that despite all of our best intentions and efforts, it may be changed or cancelled entirely. Unfortunately, none of us control the pandemic and much depends on where the numbers trend in the next few weeks.

Thank you! Go Warriors!!!
Lee Stanley
Head Coach
Boys Soccer
Centaurus HS

Update June 12, 2020


Hello Warrior soccer families. Freshmen, welcome to the brotherhood. 10th-12th graders, welcome back.


Typically Centaurus's soccer program runs two kick arounds a week all summer long, starting in June. We also usually have a fitness component run by Coach Tyler of Koda Cross Fit. Although both of these things are entirely optional, they are highly recommended because (1) the coaches can make much more informed decisions when tryouts come around if we know the kids; (2) these programs do a great job of preparing the athletes for the season and (3) they are just plain fun. Lastly, we attend a group camp through DU with a select group of athletes in July.

Unfortunately, we are not living in typical times. The governing bodies for high school sports (CHSAA) and BVSD have broken the return to play into several phases. The first phase is from June 15th to July 1st. For phase 1 it was decided that specific sports (soccer being one of them) are allowed to start training with very strict restrictions and safety procedures. The second phase and beyond are not concrete in either time frame or restrictions as they depend upon the success of phase 1. Sadly, after meeting several times internally and with the school we have decided not to hold any sort of in-person training during phase 1. We decided that the restrictions and procedures required of us make a useful practice impossible. On the same note, the DU camp has been canceled for this summer. Another set of regulations will supposedly be determined by July 1st for the first two weeks in July. As we find out more information we will update our plan accordingly and distribute it to everyone.

Our plan for the next few weeks (or potentially longer) is to post workouts that you can do from home, twice a week. We plan to post each Monday and Thursday. Each workout will contain a strength component, a technical ball work component, and a running component. For some Thursdays (pending coach availability) we will send out a virtual meeting link to do the strength portion of the workout together. These are entirely optional, as the kick arounds in normal times would be, but they are also highly recommended. At the beginning of the season, we plan to test the boys in a handful of physical and technical tests as part of the tryout process. These tests will have benchmarks that will help us determine the level that is most appropriate for each athlete. For now, it is safe to assume that the tests will involve a decent amount of running and juggling so if you want to prepare you best, focus on those areas. The workouts we send out will help prepare athletes for the tests.

Keep in mind that the skills necessary to play at the High School level or to play at your desired team level (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Warrior Team(s)) will require each player to be dedicated to that desire. As an incoming freshman, you will be playing U18 for the first time. Players will be bigger, faster, and more physical than opponents you have been playing against up to this point. If you are a returning player hoping to move up teams or win a starting position on a team you may think you are playing in the fall, remember, every step up requires you to increase your speed of play, and decrease the space it takes you to settle or trap a ball. Working on these skills: Speed, touch, and decision making will be instrumental in you reaching your desired soccer goals. Additionally, those who are committed to their personal fitness will be able to maintain the required speed of play for a full 80min while playing against U18 opponents. Off-season preparation will be more important this season than ever before because the most dedicated and self-motivated teams and programs will have the upper hand in a shortened preseason. 

Playing together on the field will always be more fun but for now, we ask that you bear with us and work hard from home. 

Thank you, and GO WARRIORS!!!

Please send an email to centaurussoccer@gmail.com to be placed on the email information list.

BVSD Summer Training Statement:

  • DECISION: After many conversations with county health departments as well as community leadership, Boulder Valley will not conduct, host or otherwise endorse in-person contact for athletics and activity groups through June 30th. In mid-June, local conditions will be reviewed to determine the status for July.

  • CAMPUS: BVSD property and facilities are CLOSED. Period.

    • BVSD coaches are employees who must comply with this closure, no exceptions. Head coaches are responsible to communicate this to their staff including volunteers. As a leader in the school's community, violating district closure as an employee is not ethical or acceptable.

    • Administrators and coaches must communicate to athletes while emphasizing that they are NOT to jump fences, ignore signs, use district fields or be on campus for any reason.

    • Any reason means any reason including but not limited to parent meetings, fundraisers, small group activities, camps or clinics, individual workouts, on or off campus as well as not virtual cheer or pom tryouts, picking up or dropping off materials or equipment.

    • Ignoring the closure by jumping fences, organizing activities which require accessing tracks or other facilities is a violation of the CHSAA citizenship clause and subject to disciplinary action.

  • SAFER AT HOME: Current orders from the Lafayette and Boulder Health departments as well as the Governor's Office are clear at this time it is safer to stay home to prevent community spread of the virus. As leaders in our community, BVSD coaches and sponsors will not conduct business which conflict with these orders.

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